Experience Sobriety

by The President

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released March 5, 2011

Roofless Records #9

all music by The President (Jason Handelsman)

cover art by Brian Butler



all rights reserved


The President Miami, Florida

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Track Name: I Love The Universe
i love the universe
the way the universe is
i'm not gonna try and change it
it's wonderful being a capitalist
make that money and exchange it
for goods and services throughout mankind
a definite purpose
and a positive mind
the message that the aliens have sent:


president of what
if you don't know, now you know
a new universe
so let's go

i've made mistakes
i'm light years above
my mind is positive
and my heart is filled with love
Track Name: Chocolate & Vanilla
god so loved the world
that he gave us chocolate and vanilla ice cream
credit cards rule everything
everything around you and me
god loves The Heat
so he brought LeBron to Miami
i drove my car into the deep blue sea
i'm drowning
i'm drowning

i've been travelin'
round this rock
for so long
i don't like to talk
when i'm workin' on a love song

club in miami like a sardine can
packed wall to wall
sweaty women and men
sittin' at the bar watching ESPN
got my eyes on cougar
sippin' a heneiken

"fuck heineken, pabst blue ribbon"
george washington
abraham lincoln
thomas jefferson
benjamin franklin
Track Name: Mr. President
call me maharaji
call me maharishi
call me mr. president
green manalishi
call me oh my god
call me laugh out loud
call me lightning bolt
come and join my cult

respect yourself at all times
live your life with a purpose
be authentic and peaceful with all of your relatives
be successful and attract abundance into your life

white light
blazing burst of energy
invisible spirits
now in my physical body
my mind antenna
receives the highest frequency
receiving this message from infinity

sun, moon and stars is my government
teenager from mars
now i'm the president
with the grim reaper
i make appointments
lemme pencil you in bay-buh

live a stress free tranquil life
attract ideal people and divine relationships
optimize your capacity to heal and be healed
appreciate and express the genius that you are
Track Name: Free Weezy Pt. 2
weezy must have been a king tut in a past life
i must have been a wingnut with a glass pipe
bling bling-a
with a plastic knife
i'm a wingnut

money is a woman
money is oxygen
money's a dead president
dead president
money is a woman
i've got a big crush
i'm squeezin that tush
i'm slangin that kush
i'm pushin pushin pushin

he put his gun in his louis bag
and left it on weezy's bus
he put his gun in his louis vouitton bag
and left it on weezy's bus
ashes to ashes
dust to dust
like rust
i'm a crust
i got lust
i'mma bust it bust it bust it
Track Name: Ingrid & Abigail
is a gemini
made me cry
was born in venezuela
she's got a dead kennedy's pin
on her leather motorcycle boot
and on the back of her neck
she's got a skull & bones tattoo
i wanna commit crimes with you

is a taurus
is my little walrus
has no teeth
cause she's a baby
born a few months ago
welcome to the jungle
if you ever ever need anything
just call or text your uncle
i love you
Track Name: The Power of Intention
all the entertainment that i need is on my mind
i close my eyes
and i see you standing there
like dave chappelle
disappeared into thin air

identifying your body at the morgue was the last time i saw you
i take a breath
and focus on the moment
i can't forget
that right now is the present
the president
is having another out of body experience

moving toward the white light
coming awfully close to death
i take a breath
looking down at my body
laying face down on the carpet
i must return
to planet earth united states miami dade county florida
jason handelsman
has seen the promised land
Track Name: Left-Handed
tappin my phone
leave me alone
the only thing that makes reality is death
nailed on a cross
kneel down and pray to it
driving drunk
shooting guns
almost killing people
driving drunk
doing drugs
killing people

i think i'm kurt cobain
jimi hendrix
tommy iommi
i am the president
i am left-handed
my life has not ended

i think i'm charles manson
dirty dancin
patrick swayze
john wayne gacy
i think i'm larry david
boss is big
nothing sacred
to a former pig
i think i'm larry david
Track Name: Been Praying
what's going on inside my body
what's going on inside my brain
are these inner organs working
"where've you been jason?"
i've been praying

we heard you overdosed on cocaine
we heard you been hopping trains
we heard you joined the freemasons
where the hell have you been, jason

i've been around the world
with a quarter in my pocket
i stepped off planet earth
rock it, don't stop it
i've been in and out of jail
cause i said fuck it
but now i'm in control of my mind
but now i'm in control of my mind

i didn't think it could get worse
i put the time machine in reverse
now i know it can only get better
mo cheddah
action, action
law of attraction
positive mental attitude
Track Name: Secret Service
secret service
makes you nervous
r.i.p pervis
young moolah boo boo
yoko ono
that's a no no
coconut pie

she dumped me cause i got a d.u.i
and i spent my days licking the clouds and the sky
the syrupy syrup drippin down like aunt jemima
all over my pancake
i'm such a big fan, drake
i loved elvis's clambake
smack your thighs against my ears
it's a fuckin earthquake
Track Name: M-I-Yayo
she bought a house in l.a.-yo
right now score to scott baio
hello j.lo
Track Name: Grand Architect of The Universe
grand architect of the universe
i ask not for more riches
but for more wisdom
with which to use the riches given to me at birth

free mason